Be Agile . Be Cognitive . Be Collaborative

SmartMarkets - a Cognitive Platform that always empowers innovation
with an API-first strategy powered by Microservices.

The only Commerce Microservices Engine with Flows

Unleash your vision with our Microservices

Traditional eCommerce Platforms that offer a "Headless" option or bolt-on APIs are masking the underlying complexity of the monolith. SmartMarket is:

  • Headless with composable Microservices, not Headless with a rigid monolithic back-end
  • API-first, not bolt-on APIs

These distinctions are critical to eliminate trade-offs between speed and control so you can build experiences your consumers will love. 

Flows: the custom commerce workflow

Flows: the custom commerce workflow

SmartMarket is the only Commerce Microservices Engine with Flows - enabling you to simplify, streamline, & orchestrate complex business logic that is fit-for-purpose to your specific requirements.

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Modern Commerce Websites
Smart Marketplaces
Native commerce mobile applications
Smart Commerce
In-store commerce experiences
Smart Payments
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Enterprise-grade commerce infrastructure

Effortlessly handling millions of API calls per day.

Scalable Commerce
Cloud-based architecture that scales horizontally to keep your business growing under any peak demand.
World class response times to improve conversion rates, because in eCommerce, every millisecond matters.
Secure Commerce
Our DevSecOps team leverages the latest security practices to deliver a battle-tested solution your business can trust.
Reliable Commerce
Your marketplaces should never be offline. Our highest priority is making sure it doesn’t, with 99.99% uptime.

Simple, flexible and reliable architecture

Let your business runs on a congintive platform.

Go best-of-breed
Seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed services that meet your specific business requirements.
No vendor lock-in
Our de-coupled, composable microservices approach puts you in full control of your commerce stack.
Embrace modern methodologies
Unlock the potential of MEAN/JAM stack, Headless, API-first, Serverless, and more.
Smart Market Places
Create custom commerce experiences and touchpoints for the web, mobile, in-store, IoT, and beyond.